Growing up as a child of artist parents, I learned to embrace my creativity from an early age and I never looked back. I’m is a writer, a mother, and a crafter who firmly believes that everyone should find passion and joy in what they do.

My interests are many and I indulge in them often. Writing, both technical and creative, because when you love your work, it isn’t work but pleasure. Reading books for learning and for pleasure to keep the mind fresh and the spirit happy. Small scale vegetable gardening provides a feast for the senses and the table in as little space as possible. And of course handcrafts of all kinds: knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, needle felting, and embellished scrapbooking. There is nothing as satisfying as something crafted by hand.

Most of all, I love sharing the many joys of learning, playing, and crafting with my children and my friends in the hope of igniting in them a passion for life, an appreciation of the world around us, and the desire to find joy in all things great and small.

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