Making Art

While this year’s Maker Faire did not have as many artists as I would have wished for, there were some notable talents sharing their passion for their work. In some cases, the work is done entirely by hand. In others, it is done by machine. Either way, the end results are absolutely spectacular.

Jesse of Third-Son works with laser-cut wood and the designs he produces are just delightful. He had the cutest little plant pokes shaped like castle turrets and ice cream-topped towers, perfect in every detail. Naturally, I was so captivated with his work that I completely forgot to take photographs.

Luckily, I did make a small purchase of wood coasters so I can show you those, and he has photos on his website so you can see why I was so entranced (along with a shop in case you want to join me in owning some of the wonderfulness he creates).


There was also a wonderful metal worker, Tick Tock Tom, who made the most striking sculptures out of found bits. Some were robotic, like this little guy.


Others were anatomic, and completely kinetic, like a functioning set of steel lungs and this wonderfully drippy heart that recirculated it’s life’s blood around and around.


But by far the thing that captivated my heart were the masks.


Made of leather and fabric, embroidered and embellished, and glittering with gold, they were the most beautiful things at the Faire. I just can’t get enough of them and keep going back to look at the photos I took, if only to make my heart sigh in happiness.


My sister was in love with the rooster and I do have to admit his magnificence. As for me, my heart was stolen by this guy:



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