Blue houses

I snapped these photos quickly with my cell phone and for some reason, they’ve all got a blue cast to them. I took the photos because I’ve been meaning to post about a little project that’s been ongoing for what feels like half the summer.


We’ve been painting bird houses.

Some days, friends come over and paint one, too. They keep their birdhouse, of course, so what you see here is probably only half of the birdhouses that have been worked on this summer.


Sometimes the painting is a collaborative affair with multiple people working together to produce a single house.


Sometimes there are more layers of paint than you realize as houses go from pink one day to red the next, and blue the day after that.


The houses are from the dollar store for the most part, prebuilt and ready for decorating however you please. The big one (second from the left in the first photo) is a build-your-own kit from Lowes or Home Depot, as is another one shaped like a barn that is not yet finished, so I wasn’t allowed to photograph it yet.

I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to do with all these bird houses. We might do a yarn-bombing type event and decorate a school yard fence for a day or two. We might randomly leave them on neighbours’ porches with a little note of appreciation for being such good neighbours. Or we might just put them all up somewhere in our backyard as a colourful counterpoint to all the white stuff that we know is coming in a few short weeks.

But not just yet. For now, I rather like looking at them as they sit on the table all in a row, cheerful and happy little things that they are.


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