There is so much to love about summer. There’s plenty to dislike, too. Like mosquitos. And hornets who build a nest under the deck and sting you when you try to weed the garden. And rabbits who eat all the parsley before you even realize it has begun to grow in earnest.

But there’s so very much to love about summer, and love it we do! One of our favourite things to do is to grab our well-loved rainbow blanket and some tennis rackets, maybe the badminton set too, pack a lunch and a book or three, and head over to the park from a lazy afternoon.


We love that park. With tennis courts, big fields, a baseball diamond, swings, teeter-totters, many lovely shade trees, and not one but two climbers to play on, it’s a great place to hang out for a while. On our most recent visit, we didn’t play tennis. Instead, we played “whack the tennis ball.”

What? You’ve never heard of it? It looks rather like tennis. It’s played on a tennis court. Or not. You keep score. Or not. You have teams. Or not. You argue over whose ball is the bounciest. You argue over who gets the pink racket (neither of them want it). And you laugh a lot. (That part isn’t optional.)

We also did not play badminton. Instead, we played “whack the birdie” which, like “whack the tennis ball,” is rather fluid in its rules and regulations. This particular game was played while using a chain link fence as a net (though we did have our net with us, we were just enjoying being lazy too much to bother with setting it up). Getting the birdie stuck in the fence was worth an extra 5 points each time. Whacking the birdie at the fence and having it not get stuck, but rather go right through the fence was worth an extra 10.

And we ate snacks, read books, and talked and talked and talked.

I do love a day of long, wandering conversations while hanging out at the park.

About half way through our lazy afternoon, we started to hear music. Not radio music, and not live music, but rather that particular poorly recorded and even more poorly played back jingle of show tunes and traditional children’s songs that heralds the arrival of…


…the ice cream truck.

The kids were off in a flash, money in hand, and returned a few minutes later with drippy cones and huge smiles.



Well, they were smiling, but they’re teenagers. Heaven forbid they smile for the camera.

So what do you love about summer?



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