Teenaged appetites

I have teenagers in the house. It’s true that one of them has been a teenager for almost a year now, and the other is still a few months shy of officially qualifying as a teen, but judging by the growing push for autonomy and the endless hours of sleep being had…I’ve got teenagers in the house.

It’s been a long time coming, but at the same time, it’s been so very, very fast. Part of me still can’t believe these two wonderful people have sprung from those tiny babes I held in my arms just a minute ago (or so it seems). But somehow, they have. Tiny little fingers and toes have morphed into something rather more adult-like, but no less fascinating to watch in action.

Mostly, I am fascinated by their minds. The things that interest them, the passions they pursue, and their marvelously wicked senses of humour…it’s so much fun to spend time with these people who used to be inside of me and now don’t even fit on my lap, or even on the couch (we tried to fit us all four across for a TV-watching takeout dinner last night. It was not exactly successful).

Over the past year and a bit, we’ve gotten used to watching our boy K inhale serving after serving of dinner. Where he puts it on his skinny frame, I have no idea, but put it he does…two hamburgers and a couple of hot dogs, or three plates of spaghetti with meat sauce, a slice or four of pepperoni and bacon pizza…it all vanishes almost faster than you could blink.

Being the eldest child by a lot (my youngest sister is 16 years younger than I am), I remember being struck most by the way a child suddenly morphs into something not-child, yet not-adult, seemingly overnight.  Growth spurts and hairy man legs, deepening voices and suddenly-too-tall friends…of such things are adults made.

But most striking is the massive teenaged appetite that practically inhales food one day, and isn’t hungry at all the next. The suddenly enormous appetite is, to my mind, the single greatest indicator that teenagehood has arrived.

After watching my tiny slip of a girl inhale three huge platefuls of take-out Chinese food in less time than it took to watch an episode of Musketeers, I think I can safely say that, numbers notwithstanding, I now have two teenagers in the house.

It’s a good think I don’t mind grocery shopping.




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