Needle and thread

Life has been crazy busy lately and it has been ages since I’ve had needle and thread in hand for a little bit of embroidery. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join a lovely group of women for a community craft night.


Amidst much laughter and yummy treats, I managed to make some progress on one of my crazy quilt blocks. I had set this block aside for a while, knowing the look I was aiming for, but unsure of how to get there.


In adding a few small pieces, it is starting to move closer to what I see in my mind’s eye, but it is still not there yet. I keep turning the block this way and that, letting my eye follow the lines of stitches, chasing down seams where the fabrics come together too harshly and need softening, or points that need a little bit of focus to draw the eye in.


And always, I think back to Sharon Boggon‘s insightful advice during the Encrusted Embroidery class I took several years ago now: “Add more.”

With her words so fresh in my mind, I’ve started visiting her blog again recently – coincidentally, just as she returns from a blogging hiatus. I’ve been searching for more inspiration for seam treatments. This morning, what should I find but the happy news that the Antique Pattern Library has put up an entire 100-page book of hand embroidery patterns, many of which would be perfect for seam treatments! And as they are out of copyright, they are absolutely free.

It’s going to be hard to keep my mind focussed on work this morning when my fingers are itching to pick up needle and thread instead!

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