The joy of secrets

Tonight, we have a secret. After a long night serving lobster dinners to hundreds of hungry people and then performing with the band to entertain them, our girl B is helping me with a most special surprise.

Almost ten years ago now, K started school and made a friend. For the last two years, that friend has been at a different school than K and they’ve spent rather less time together than they might wish. Tonight, they both turned out and helped their younger siblings serve lobster dinners to hundreds of hungry people for no other reason than they could.

Even though they weren’t in the band anymore.

When the event finally ended, K asked if his friend could sleep over since the stars had aligned and everyone was homework free and with no school in the morning to worry about. And when said friend arrived, I found out that not only did the boys spend the last few hours ferrying plates of lobsters around, they did it on K’s friend’s birthday.

So of course we have to mark the occaision, and what better way to do it than with a midnight surprise birthday party complete with chocolate cake?

So B and I scurried off to the kitchen and whipped up a cake which is baking in the oven even as I type these words. Shortly we will take it out, stuff it in the freezer for a rapid cool down, and whip up some icing. Our fabric garland will come out and get draped around the room and I’m sure I can dig up a candle or 14 somewhere, and together, we’ll sing and smile and eat cake at midnight in honour of a wonderful young man we’ve been priviledged to know since the ripe old age of 4.



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