Tiny little things

I like little things. Tiny bits of embroidery, small seedlings just poking up out of the dirt, and of course wee newborn babies. All of these things charm my heart and make me smile no matter the time of year or who they belong to.

I like little toys, too. Little cars crafted of Lego? Tiny little Playmobil accessories? Adorable. (Unless they happen to be directly underfoot. Then they’re just ouchy.)

Little birds? Incredibly sweet and oh so delightful.

Little food? Well yes, I have recently discovered that I like little food too, and the teenier, the better.

When I was a child, I always felt that one of the biggest benefits of going to school was the existence of the Scholastic book club. Every time the teacher handed out those familiar flyers printed on terribly inky newsprint prone to smearing all over your hands, I was in heaven.

I would pore over those inky pages, pencil in hand, circling all the books I wanted to buy. (Hint: That would be all of them.)

As an adult, I’m not sure my reaction to those flyers has changed all that much. In fact, now that I not only have my own children to buy for, but also nieces and nephews of varying ages, the urge to spend my entire week’s paycheck on books gets pretty strong by times.

When B brought home not one, but three Scholastic flyers last month, we couldn’t resist ordering a few books. We got books about history for the most part, with World War I and the Underground Railroad being the topics of choice. But tucked in with the others was this little gem:


It came as a kit complete with polymer clay, a bracelet, and little metal eyes and jump rings for fastening them to the bracelet.  Before I could blink, teeny tiny food was filling our kitchen table.



Shortly thereafter, a serving of milk and cookies was adorning B’s wrist. Along with a gumball machine, because who doesn’t need a gumball machine dangling from their arm?


I’ve always loved books that inspire my kids to take action. And when that action involves crafting and creating and teeny tiny treats made by one of the people I love the most?

I’m positively charmed by them.



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