Shoulds and dids

I should be working on the finishing touches for another little horse. Or a pair of socks that is making rather slow progress, being for a grownup male instead of a child. Or a stocking for a rather new little boy who went his first Christmas without an auntie-made stocking.

But instead, when I wasn’t looking, this little hat just sort of crocheted itself and found it’s way onto a little girl’s head.


It’s the Women’s Peaked Hat that was featured as the January challenge over at The Crochet Crowd, and it’s a fabulously easy little pattern despite its looks.

I like projects that require very little time and even less thought, especially when they are portable enough to bring with you to the dentist’s office.

The socks are a little less portable, given that I’m knitting them on a set of 5 DPNs and am not following a strict pattern exactly, which means there is a certain amount of calculating and measuring and thinking at each step of the way.


Horses and stockings are not terribly portable even at the best of times (and the dentist’s office is not at all a ‘best of times’ sort of situation). But a little crochet hat? Small enough to stuff in my purse, simple enough to not need to bring a pattern with me, and with only 1 live stitch at a time there is no risk of disaster should I lose my hook in transit.

And now, home again, I have a horse that’s finally finished and ready for a little person to love.


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