RAOK boxes

This past year, we’ve embarked on a few fun little adventures. One of our favourites turned out to be the RAOK boxes.

What, you may ask, is a RAOK box? It’s a Random Act Of Kindness in a box.


For the past 2 summers, I have subscribed to the Julep Maven nailpolish club and received a couple of colours of nailpolish along with sweets and other little treats every month. A friend turned me on to Julep a few years ago as they are a high-quality nailpolish lacking some of the more toxic ingredients that trigger allergic reactions and misery in the name of beauty around here.

I only subscribe for the summer as a little treat for me, and I found myself getting quite excited every month all summer long when a fun little purple or pink flowered box would show up in the mail. The boxes are fairly small, maybe 6 inches across, and I found myself saving them up rather than recycling them, positive that I could share the joy of getting a box like that in the mail.

Last year, someone shared a Facebook meme asking to commit to a year of random kindness towards 5 other people. I thought it was a fabulous idea and a great way to reuse the Julep Maven boxes, and so I put together a few little gift boxes for some deserving moms and kids I know and mailed them out.


They were a huge hit. The kids loved the toys and treats. The moms loved the tea and chocolate and candles. And we loved getting thank you notes and photos of happy kids in return.

So we did it again. The next set of boxes were for grownups, which meant the content was a little different. Some of them were mailed out. Some were little more than envelopes with a letter and some paper cranes folded inside. Some of them were delivered in person with an old-fashioned ring-the-doorbell-and-hide strategy that was probably even more fun than assembling the boxes themselves.

And often we got back appreciative notes and photos of our gifts being enjoyed, which was so very appreciated by us.

Sometime in the fall, I received a kindness box of my own with the very bestest of gifts: books! And not just books, books about knitting! It absolutely made my day, quite possibly my week, and maybe even the entire month as every time I dipped into the pages and read a little, my heart smiled at remembering how these books came to find their way to our bookshelves.

Looking back on the year, these little boxes of joy stand out as one of my very favourite things.


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