On sunlight and baked goods

If there is one thing I love more than any other, it is the world we live in.  On a daily basis, I discover small bits of wonder that fill me with the knowledge that I am connected to something so very much bigger than I am.

Today, that would be the sun.

The south side of our house is filled with windows and this morning, those windows are filled with sunshine. If I were a cat, I would be curled up on the floor, fur soaking up the warmth, purring mightily with every exhalation. Since I’m not a cat, and I have a job that needs doing before too much more of the day passes, I’ve had to settle for throwing open the curtains and turning my face to the light every chance I get.

If sunshine had a smell, I imagine that today it would smell like chocolate and vanilla. Or maybe it would have that yeast and honey flavour like freshly baked bread. Either way, it would be something warm and homey, teasing me with the scents of gustatory heaven.


Maybe sunshine smells like muffins, warm and rich with butter and sugar, ripe with vanilla, and tantalizingly crunchy around the edges.

Does crunchy have a taste? It should.


Either way, the beams of sunshine washing out patches of the floor are making me ridiculously happy today and judging from the spring in the kids’ steps as they bounded out the door on their way to school, I’m not the only one who appreciates a little light.

Tomorrow, we might have clouds. By Friday, the weather forecast is calling for snow. Our next purely sunny day won’t be until Monday, if the report is accurate, but I don’t mind, because today is filled to bursting with warm, golden light and for the moment, my heart is more than content.

Besides, if the sky is dark and gloomy, I can always bring a little sunshine into the house by baking a loaf of bread, or maybe some muffins.

We do like muffins around here.




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