A little bit of yarn…

It always surprises me how quickly the weeks can go by when you’re busy. Days blur into a vast sweep of time before you’ve entirely realized it. Time, it seems, is rather more fluid than we like to think it is. And like all fluids, time can be a slow and lazy river or a cheerfully tumbling brook when it wants to be. Or it can be a vast river rushing past at a deceptively fast pace that looks slow and lazy on the surface, but the moment you step in past your knees, you find yourself swept up in the current until you are miles downstream from where you began and you aren’t quite sure how you got there so quickly.

Yes, it’s January. The end of January, to be precise.

I’m still not quite sure how, exactly, I’ve managed to find myself on the far side of the Christmas crafting rush without hardly a blog post to show how seriously crafting dominated my fall and made my Christmas delightful.

Even stranger, I have no idea how I managed to create so many things and give so many handmade gifts… and didn’t manage to take a single photo of the majority of them. No work-in-progress snapshots, no finished object photo shoots, just… nothing.

There isn’t a single photo of the Waldorf-style doll my niece requested for her birthday.

Nor is there a photo of any of the three embroidered and embellished Christmas stockings that were made for a pair of baby boys experiencing their first Christmas and a slightly older it’s-serious-we’re-moving-in-together boyfriend experiencing his first Christmas living with my sister.

We won’t mention the four other stocking kits sitting in the cupboard waiting to be made since B announced that it really wasn’t fair that The Man We Call Dad and I have *gasp!* store bought stockings instead of Mama-made stockings. (But wait, you might ask. Four? You’re making four stockings for two people? Well, no… but my skills have, erm, improved a bit since I made B and K stockings more than a decade ago and they both love the idea of having a new Mama-made stocking to hang instead of, or maybe beside, their old Mama-made stocking.) They’ll get made sometime in the next few months, I’m sure.

Nor did I manage to take a photo of an adorable little quilt made by B with a little help from me.

But I did manage to get a few photos of the blankets I made for my 2 nieces and 1 of my nephews. I blogged months ago about the Maybelle Square afghan for one of my nieces.

(Yes, I really do start my Christmas crafting in July.)


This one is a bit of white and blue for a sweet little boy, the pattern is the Juicy Fruits and Whipped Cream Throw by Red Heart and it is free on their website, with a video tutorial also available by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd.

And this one:


Is an in-progress shot of the the challenging and stunning Porthole Square pattern by Karen of Colour In A Simple Life. The squares are a wonderful new technique that I’ve never encountered before. Karen has a full pictorial tutorial on her blog showing her process. I will say that the squares were a challenge for me as they are a bit fiddly. I will also say that having the proper gauge is critical. If you should happen to get a ball of yarn that is not of the same lot as the first balls, and it just happens to be a shade thinner, the squares will refuse to come together properly and you will be hugely unsatisfied with this pattern. It needs a tight fabric, not a loose one.


Given that the yarn was off, I chose to do the centre of the afghan in porthole squares then finish off with double crochet with occasional rounds of back post stitches to make a nice ridge that matched the joining ridges. I also gave it a border with several rounds of colours pulled from the porthole centres (no, not photographed), followed by attaching in an un-portholed centre in each of the 4 corners (also not photographed), and then more rounds of colour ending in a bright, vibrant red that just makes the whole thing pop like you wouldn’t believe.

(and since I didn’t photograph that, either, you’ll just have to imagine it. It was awesome. I swear.)

I could show you the super simple neck warmer done in bulky yarn I made for K (ch 15, sc in back loops only on every row, then add a pair of buttons), but I forgot to photograph it and he’s taken it to school and forgot it in his locker.

I would show you the yarn I got for Christmas, but I didn’t photograph that either. I’d show you the neck warmer/head band I’m making B with it… but again, no photos.

I won’t even offer to show you my current WIP that is actually a cardigan for me, since, you guessed it, no photos.

But what I will say is that I have every intention of being more present in this space again. I miss my daily musings. Judging by how many of you keep popping by every week to see what’s going on here, I suspect you’ve missed it too.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll start remembering to take more photos.


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