A finished object

It’s done. The Maybelle Square blanket that was started about a month ago is done. A month may seem like a long time, but I am rarely a monogamous crafter, plus I have two children home on summer vacation and The Man We Call Dad who took two entire weeks to hang out with us, so really it was only two weeks or so of actual crafting time at most.

finished maybelle

The brightly coloured floral centres are absolutely delightful, tumbling across the blanket in cheerful diagonal stripes as they do, grounded on a bed of bright white with a lacy braided join between the blocks. I edged the entire thing in what amounted to more or less a repeat of the petal motifs that make up the central flower and just that quickly the blanket became oh so girly and pretty and absolutely squee-worthy.

maybelle border

I’m in love, I think, with my little bit of Maybelle.



9 thoughts on “A finished object

    1. I’m glad you like my post enough to reblog it! And thanks for only posting the first few lines and then linking back to my site. I appreciate that you didn’t simply take the post whole.


    1. I love them too! I kept seeing patterns online for subdued colours in a white field, but I knew I had to go bright to suit the little girl who is going to be getting it for Christmas!


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