A little bit of Maybelle

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with crochet and colour. All other crafts have taken a back seat to my crochet hook and a rather lot of colourful yarn. Crochet is fast, you see. Crochet is fun. And you can crochet all sorts of shapes and patterns without needing a terribly huge amount of skill.

Like the Maybelle flower.


Maybelle flowers are not terribly complicated to make, and best of all, the pattern is freely available from 6ichthusfish. You have to love free patterns for things that turn out so fabulously lovely.

I hemmed and hawed a bit about what to do with all these lovely maybelle flowers, but then I saw this lovely variation of the Maybelle that turns it into a square, coupled with the soft and sweet Astra Baby Blanket crocheted by a friend over the past few weeks, and I knew just what to do. Colourful Maybelle flowers arranged in diagonal stripes on a background of white… what could be more fun?

Except for the fact that I hate sewing squares of crochet together, it seemed like the perfect idea. Except that I hate sewing squares together.

Have I mentioned that I hate sewing squares of crochet together?

But I really, really wanted to make this blanket. What to do? Well, I pondered for a while, debating using a regular single crochet join, but I hate how that leaves a ridge on one side and a dip on the other and gives the blanket a very blatantly obvious right and wrong side.

Pinterest to the rescue.

First, I spied this lovely joining technique. It was gorgeous, even if it did leave a ridge on the back. Even better, it was in a tutorial written up by one of my favourite sites for crochet amiguri dolls: Gourmet Crochet. I’ve made the Elsbeth Doll several times, and the super cute Arianna Mermaid doll. Yet somehow, I had never realized that there was a Gourmet Crochet blog, nor that there were tutorials on non-sewn joins for afghans on it.

While reading the details of the simulated braid join, I quickly realized that there must therefore be an actual braid join.

There is.

And the lovely people at Gourmet Crochet have a tutorial teaching you how to do it.

It is flat. It looks the same on both sides. Did I mention that it is flat? And that it doesn’t require sewing squares together?


Suddenly, I am totally crushing on this Maybelle Square with Flat Braid Join blanket that is flying off my hook. Crushing so much that I just might have to make another one.



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