The First

The first of July is our nation’s birthday. Living in the capital as we do, I can tell you first hand, it is one heck of a party! This year, we were joined by one of my sisters and the kids were thrilled to have their Auntie N along for the celebration.

Within minutes of arriving downtown, we found a little crowd clustered around the most unexpected collection of characters just hanging around for photo ops:


The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is currently showing the Star Wars Identities exhibit and it is on my bucket list of cool things to go see this summer.

We worked our way closer to the Parliament buildings and the main stage where all sorts of concerts and speeches and things were happening.


We saw the Sky Hawks parachute in…



… the Governor General’s Foot Guards…


…the Snowbirds did a couple of flybys…


…and we even saw Superman. Yes, it’s true, The Man In Steel himself was there, riding on his daddy’s shoulders:


Later on, once we had tired of the main stage shows and overhead acrobatics, we had a picnic lunch and wandered around watching street performers and hanging out with K’s favourite statuary display and trying on their hats, before heading home to get out of the crowds and the heat and rest up for the evening.





Later on, we returned to the downtown core to find that the crowds, while thick, were not nearly so terrible as last year when it was standing room only with people jammed together as tightly as you can imagine.

We had room to walk around, to take in the sights and the performers, and we even found a nice little grassy spot at Major’s Hill Park where we could settle in and listen to a concert before the fireworks.





I hope you and your family had a lovely Canada Day yourselves, and for our friends and family in the USA, that you had a lovely 4th.


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