Thunderstorms and plans gone awry

Today was supposed to be a day full of thunderstorms and rain and with two children fully rested now after a few days of no school, I spent last night planning and plotting as to how I could keep them suitably entertained and exercised while at the same time finding enough hours in the day to get my own work hours in.

Mother Nature, of course, declined to cooperate, and our day, while not at all what we planned, turned out to be marvelously wonderful.

The children slept in, as they have been lately, and I managed to log several hours of uninterrupted work before they started moving around. Then, while they lounged about in pyjamas playing on various electronic devices (a luxury resulting from Mama being hard at work and not entirely paying attention to anything other than the fact that they were quiet and hadn’t ventured out of their rooms), I kept working as long as I could.

I fully expected I would soon be interrupted, but I wasn’t.

Instead, I was distracted by a car pulling up across the street and some familiar-but-not-recently-heard voices. Our neighbours were finally, at long last, home!

They have been away for 3 years in Germany, you see, and we have missed them. The kids have grown enormously, though their adorable faces are still recognizably them in the way that kid faces tend to be, while at the same time being oh-so-different and more grown up and a curious mixture of welcoming and shy.

What else was a Mama to do but shriek with joy, bully the kids into real clothes, and rush outside to dispense hugs and hellos and more hugs in the midst of much happy chatter.

And, with the rain keeping its distance despite the almost suffocating humidity, the whole gang of us — two Mamas and six kids and a wagon full of sand toys and soccer balls and water bottles and snacks — headed up to the park for a good long romp (and a good chat) that somehow felt like we surely had done this just yesterday, even though it has been quite literally years since they were last home for more than a quick visit.

We kept looking at the sky, us Mamas, but the rains, though threatening in a sort of nonspecific hazy way, failed to arrive. The sun, while not shining brightly, exactly, was strong behind the oppressive overhead haze. We made tentative plans to go swimming in their pool after a quick bite of lunch and a few minutes of rest and off we went our separate ways… only to have the rains finally arrive at long last.

Out came my much delayed rainy day plans: A Lego challenge, and a movie-making adventure. I challenged them to build a car out of Lego, then use the movie app on the iPad to make a movie using their car.

They were excited at the prospect and immediately built a wonderful pair of vehicles. B’s is rather conventional, with four wheels, a driver behind a windshield, and a trunk complete with a suitcase full of money and a decapitated Lego minifigure head inside a motorcycle helmet.


Because every Lego car needs a decapitated head and a suitcase full of money in the trunk, don’t you think?

B laughed herself sick when I declared it so, insisting that she had not put a decapitated head in her trunk. It was just a helmet. Like an ordinary helmet. It just so happened that the minifig head was stuck and so the helmet came with a head of its own.

But not a decapitated head. Just an ordinary head.

And couldn’t I just pretend that the head just wasn’t there?

K’s Lego vehicle was somewhat less traditional a car. It didn’t have wheels, for one thing. Landing gear, yes, but no wheels. And it flies. Because who says cars won’t fly in the future, right?


I think I need a flying car.

And during the whole “Is that a decapitated head in your trunk?” conversation, he sat off to one side smothering his laughter behind a far too grown up look of amusement before finally taking his sister’s side and insisting that I must have misinterpreted the contents of her vehicle’s trunk.

I left them to their movie making then and got back to work myself while they made props and signs and gathered up Playmobil and other assorted pieces to assist with their movie.

They never did get to making the movie, though they’ve now got it all planned out — and it isn’t going to be a movie, I’ve been informed. It’s a movie trailer since those are shorter.

They might make the movie later.

Or not.

But they are definitely making the trailer.

As for the title of their movie about a car that flies and another car with a trunk that most definitely does not contain a decapitated head inside a motorcycle helmet?


Yup. You read that right.

The Beheader #1.

Coming soon to a theatre near me.




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