I’ve got a plan…

I am, by nature, the kind of person who likes a well planned out week. I like knowing what is coming next. I like looking at my calendar and seeing everything we need to do alongside all the things we are thinking about doing.

I even like planning for events. Christmas, with all its decorations and food and fun family traditions that don’t look like traditions. Halloween, with costumes and pumpkins and porches full of spooky things. Easter, with egg hunts and cookies and family all around. And birthdays. I love planning birthdays with the kids.

There’s something about a celebration, be it a big one or a little one, that makes my heart happy.

Last night, we were blessed with another kind of celebration. A first for us, and one which will only be repeated once more for our little family of 4: a grade 6 graduation ceremony. Tomorrow, you see, is a certain young man’s very last day at the school that saw his very first day of school ever.

It was a funny sort of celebration. A chance to honour some amazing kids who have accomplished some amazing things. A chance to see how those funny, happy, giggly little 3- and 4-year-old kids from the first weeks of kindergarten have turned into some of the most accomplished and talented 11- and 12-year-old kids you’ll ever meet. And how others, not distinguished academically, not outstandingly talented at sports or music, still got the recognition and celebration they deserved for talents such as “always willing to lend a hand” and “always cheerful” and “passionate about history” from teachers who understand that every single kid deserves a huge shout out for having the courage to be themselves.

Tomorrow, the entire school will be celebrating their last day for the year with a morning filled with special activities and games and pizza. A good time will be had by all, I am sure.

But tonight… tonight, I have a plan. A completely silly, wonderful, and oh-so-fun plan that firmly falls into the category of a Silliness Project plan.

A sneaky, devious, and playful plan that will hopefully bring a smile or three to all those young faces celebrating their imminent freedom from school tomorrow. It involves a whole bunch of these crochet flowers and a few crochet corkscrew spirals and a few rainbow strips for good measure.

I love making plans…


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