It’s puzzling how I have gone so many days in a row without writing a single word in this space. I didn’t mean to be away so long. I didn’t, in fact, mean to be away at all. Life has a way of getting in the way of all the things we mean to do and before you know it, time has flown by.

WordPress informs me that it has been an entire month since my last post. It also informs me that it has been an entire 5 years since I started blogging.

I can’t quite get over that. Five years. Five years. How did the time fly by so quickly? How did I not notice?

It has been a busy month, this February, and I have so many things to write about. Sewing projects started, sewing projects finished, a tiny knit sweater, a quilt, a bag, a few Christmas gifts I made and meant to write about before I forget what I made and for whom. A skating party. A new baby (no, not mine). Another set of owls, two little dolls, and all the busy fort building that’s been happening every time it snows.

Oh, and a tooth fairy pillow for a niece with her first loose tooth. She called the other night and announced the news and asked me to make her a tooth fairy pillow (after her mother reminded her it was probably best if she asked Auntie Andi to make her one rather than simply announcing that she needs one right now).

We have been busy around here.

Then again, we are always busy around here.

Today, for example, started with an early morning clarinet practice for B before school. We walked together, she and I, through a light snow falling from a newly lightened sky, discussing Downton Abbey and the pros and cons of being a member of the school band. I left her at the door to the music room with a kiss and a laugh before making my way home again through snow that couldn’t quite decide if it was going to turn into rain or not.

An hour later, K walked out the door into what was most definitely hail falling around his head and, with both kids now busily occupied at school, I settled in front of the computer to work. I surfaced for a half hour on the treadmill and lunch, alternating between reading my book and staring out the window at the snow which was now falling in great huge clumps, then got back to work.

The snow carried on throughout the afternoon and by the time the kids got home from school, it had laid a thick layer about 20 cm deep on the ground. K and I shoveled the walk with the brick makers, building up the wall of their Front Yard Fort, and then I started on the driveway while the kids threw themselves into building.

I started the driveway, I might point out.

Not finished.

There is a LOT of snow out there and it is still falling thickly.

Now, after a moment’s respite in front of the computer and a spur-of-the-moment decision to write a quick blog post, I find my mind turning towards dinner (spaghetti) and homework (multiplication tables for one, a summarization for the other) and whether or not I should go try to finish shoveling the driveway.

Not, I think.

I do want to be able to move without pain tomorrow.

And now, I have a little girl in a temper because of the hated multiplication tables and that annoying insistence I have that homework must be done before friends can come over to play. I have a young man who is supposed to be doing homework but is, I suspect, on his iPod instead. I have a puzzle on a table that is calling my name, and a just-finished tooth fairy pillow waiting eagerly for its owner who is supposed to come by to get it tonight, and a box of craft supplies sitting behind me in my office just begging to be opened and used.

But with the snow blanketing the world in silence outside and spaghetti sauce simmering gently on the stove and only a few minutes left before dinner, I think the puzzle is more the thing.

We do like puzzles around here.




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