Yup, water.

What, you may ask, does water have to do with today’s blog post?

Why, everything!  For her birthday, you may recall our darling B gave up all hope of getting gifts and raised money for charity:water. She had read on http://www.cakewrecks.com/ about charity:water, and about how the task of fetching water usually falls to the women and girls in a community, and how the water is often unclean and unsafe for drinking, and yet, with no other options, they drink it anyway. She was particularly struck by the fact that when a girl has to spend 3hours or more a day fetching water, she often does not go to school regularly, or even at all.

And so she did it: she gave up her own materialistic desires (and trust me, she had a lot on her list!) in order to raise money for a great cause. She set her goal at $150. And then she raised her goal when she met the first goal so quickly. And then she raised it again. In the end, she raised $837 — money that has gone towards water projects that are currently underway in Ethiopia and Nepal. Right now, charity:water partners in those communities are getting permits, buying supplies, picking sites, and beginning work.

B is thrilled to have been able to help. She loved getting a progress update from the folks at charity:water letting her know where the money she raised was going.

And then somehow when I wasn’t looking, she sent out an email to various family members announcing that she did NOT want Christmas presents this year. Do NOT buy her a Christmas present. Not a single one. Nope, nope, nope. She wants NOTHING for Christmas.

Because she’s doing it again.

She’s giving up all hope of receiving even a single gift in order to raise money for charity:water, except this time, she’s set her sights on hitting a minimum of $1000.

In B’s words:

“Giving up gifts is easy. Some kids don’t even have water. I don’t need gifts as much as they need water.”

I am so proud of her.

I am also so awed and inspired by the fact that you, dear reader, choose to share some of your day with me here at KidsByHand, and the last time she did this, I was amazed by the number of anonymous donations she received from blog readers. You guys are amazing. Seriously. You rock. Are you willing to thrill her again and help her meet her goal? It would be so amazing if you could.

If you would like to show some love and support for her project, you can make a donation online at http://mycharitywater.org/kidscanwaterchristmas/ . (The entire donation amount – 100% of your donation – goes directly towards the water projects they build.)  Every donation counts – even a single dollar. If you want to get all symbolic about it, you could donate $9 because she is 9 years old, or $25 dollars because Christmas is on December 25, (or $2012 dollars because it is Christmas 2012, if your budget stretches that high).




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