Christmas is coming…

It’s true. Christmas is on its way. There are less than 6 weeks left until the big day, and I am already way behind.

I hate shopping. I dislike the crowds, and the noise, and the frustration of trying to find exactly what you are looking for in exactly the right size/shape/colour without having to visit 9 different stores and spend all your money and then some.


I dislike all forms of shopping except grocery shopping and garden shopping and craft supply shopping. If you built a Michaels craft store next to a fabulous grocery store next to a great butcher and sandwiched between a quilt shop and a yarn shop, with a garden centre tacked on the end… I would build my house in the parking lot and never, ever leave.


Where was I. Oh yes, Christmas.

Usually, I shop for Christmas all year long. When I see something perfect, I get it. My goal is to be finished with shopping by December 1st, leaving me the rest of December to bake and decorate and do fun things with the kids from our Slightly Different Advent Calendar.

What’s more, I like to craft (no, really?) and I like to gift people with homemade things that I hope they will enjoy.

With 6 weeks left until Christmas, there isn’t much time left for crafting.

With 2 weeks left until December, there isn’t much time for meeting my (admittedly self-imposed) shopping deadline.

It’s a good thing I’ve already got a number of people taken care of thanks to my habit of shopping year round, or I would really be in a panic. And, miracle of miracles, the most impossible man to buy gifts for… has a gift hidden away that I hope will make him jump for joy on Christmas morning.

Or at least smile a lot as he searches everywhere for a plug that isn’t filled with Christmas lights so he can plug in his gift and try it out.

So knowing that there are a number of people to buy for, and a number of people to finish crafting for, and knowing that I just finished binding off a much-anticipated super-soft-and-bulky neck warmer thing that my little Miss B (who is not nearly so little) requested I make her a while back and that would make a perfect handmade Christmas gift?

Why, on the first really cold day this autumn, when you could see your breath in the air and mittens were a necessity, I handed it to her to wear, since of course none of her existing scarves could possibly be warm enough.

What was I thinking???

Trust me, I am kicking myself even now.

Or at least, I was, until yesterday when she announced that, after giving it much thought, she doesn’t want any Christmas gifts this year. Not a single one. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Instead, she wants everyone to donate to Charity:Water on her behalf, since there are people in this world who need water more than she needs gifts.

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?

I love this girl.

A lot.


And I think I know I don’t need anything for Christmas this year, either.

And yes, of course I’ll let you know as soon as I get her donation page set up.



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