Friday’s Little Thing: Watermelon!

I like gardening. I like watching leaves turn green. I like watching flowers bloom. I like watching the songbirds as they visit the feeders or the bird baths. I even like watching the squirrels and rabbits as they explore our little patch of green. But most of all, I like growing edibles.

This year, I expanded the garden and grew several new things that I have never grown before. One of those things was watermelon.

Yesterday, our lone little watermelon fell off the vine. It’s rind is a lovely deep green colour and it looks absolutely perfectly watermelony… except for its size.

Isn’t that just the tiniest, cutest little melon you’ve ever seen?

Given its diminutive stature, I was positive that it would not be anywhere near ripe. I cut it open at the kids’ urging, and to my great surprise, it was a beautiful pink inside.

And it was a very sweet little mouthful.

:: Friday’s Little Thing is a moment in time I wish to remember. Please feel free to join me in sharing your own moments and link to them in the comments. I would love to see them! ::


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Little Thing: Watermelon!

    1. Our garden is struggling a bit this year, and we only got the one watermelon — though another has suddenly decided to start growing, so we may get a second (tiny!) melon, depending on what the weather does and how long it has to grow before the first frost hits.


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