Danger: Books!

Our kids love to read, and they read a lot. They get read to a lot, too, even though they seem to be old enough to have outgrown that stage. And sometimes — fairly often, in fact — they’ll read out loud to each other, or to The Man We Call Dad, or to me.

Sometimes, though, they read books so fast and furiously that it is almost impossible to keep up with what they are interested in. Enter the book list.

This summer, we experimented with keeping track of what we are reading by using a book list. The blank list pages were downloaded from somewhere online that was offering them for free, and they were pretty and lovely and girly and B loved hers. K… not so much. I chose the more masculine turquoise one for him, but even so, it didn’t quite seem to be his thing. It also was quite small.

Initially, the small size of the lists were a big part of their appeal. With three list sheets per page, the lists weren’t going to take up much room on the bulletin board in my office where we keep our calendar and other things that we are interested in. But the reality is that you simply need room if you are really going to keep track of a whole list of books without growing cross-eyed from trying to write neatly in the little box.

With the start of a new school year, I would like to keep track of their reading once more, so I knew I had to find a more appealing list.

I couldn’t find one. I looked all over the place, but they were either too girly, too babyish, or too boring and definitely not something that would appeal to K.

So I made one, and I printed out two copies, and I posted them on the bulletin board.


Except now I want one too. I want to read dangerously this year! I want to enter the book-worm infected zone and risk brain growth too!

Yes, I am a big kid at heart.

I suspect you are too… so you can download a PDF copy of the Danger: Books book list for yourself if you like.  Just click on the image above, or this link. It is a PDF file that prints on a regular letter-sized page and leaves lots of room for writing the title and author, and when you started and finished reading each book. The first page has the DANGER:BOOKS logo, but the second page is just the blank list. To make the list longer, just print more copies of the second page.

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