An Anarchistic Lunch

School has rules.

School has lots of rules. They have rules about behaviour. They have rules about homework. They have rules about the playground. And they have rules about lunch.

Yes, lunch.

They have rules about striving for a litter-free lunch, and I approve. They have Rules about allergies, and I can understand. But no cookies? No chips? No chocolatey M&Ms for a Friday afternoon treat? That, I have a problem with. Yes, it is admirable that the school wants to encourage healthy eating, but I like being able to send a little treat now and then without having my child coming home and telling me they weren’t allowed to eat it or — worse yet — that it was confiscated for being too chocolatey or too sugary or (yes, it happened) too salty.

Today is the last day of school for the year. Today, the kids aren’t learning. They are watching movies, cleaning out desks, and avoiding the heat on this very hot, humid day.

So The Man We Call Dad and I conspired to break the rules today.

Our kids bring a litter-free lunchbox to school every day. We love our lunchboxes. Let me say that again: We love our lunch boxes.

They are made by PlanetBox and they are (a) litter free, (b) made of stainless steel, and (c) really good at staying cold all day long. Plus, being made of a solid piece of steel, there are no pieces to lose, no lids to misplace, no containers to crack, and no BPA to worry about. Here is what they look like on the inside:

And today, being the wild and crazy rule-breaking parents that we are, today the contents of their lunch boxes look like this:

Do you think they will smile when they see it?

Bon appetit my darlings! Happy Last Day of School!



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