What a busy week!

It has been a very busy week and, as usual, the blog was the first thing to be abandoned when this Mama needed some quiet time to herself. It began on Saturday, with our tired boy heading off to the school (yes, on a Saturday!) for a several-hours-long band practice in preparation for their trip to the music festival at Canada’s Wonderland. I would love to say that he slept well Saturday night, but he didn’t sleep well at all. How can you expect a boy to sleep at all when he is leaving for his very first overnight school trip, performing in front of strangers and a judge, and going to Canada’s Wonderland and riding on roller coasters!

Sunday morning, we all walked up to the school to load K on the bus and The Man We Call Dad in a van with some of the other chaperones. B kept announcing how much she missed K already. Of course, she had been announcing how much she missed K already for about a week now. (Though that didn’t stop her from arguing with him when the occasion warranted it.) The bus rolled out, mostly on schedule, and B and I walked home together to an empty house.

The house didn’t stay empty for long, though. Later that afternoon, friends came over for dinner. They have a baby girl who is just a few months old. Ordinarily, this would be an occasion for me to ooh and aah and demand to hold her. Well, okay, not so much demand as just sort of snatch her out of her mother’s arms and make silly adoring faces at her, but really, isn’t it the same thing?

And, being the very best sort of friends to have around when your daughter is missing her brother and father, they promptly engaged her in playing with the baby, playing with board games, and even playing ping pong on the enormous ping pong table that they so kindly helped us carry home from a neighbour’s driveway in a hilarious convoy of ridiculousness that involved a minivan, a toddler in a stroller, several people (kids and grownups) walking while carrying various pieces of the support structure, and an enthusiastic B shouting out directions from her perch in the back of the van. Somehow it all worked out and turned into a ping pong table in our basement which we have thoroughly enjoyed for some time now, and it was put to good use on Sunday night.

And yes, for those of you who are curious, we did feed them brownies.

Monday and Tuesday were school days, and while it might seem like they should have been ordinary school days, school just isn’t the same when your brother isn’t there. You have to walk home alone, for one thing, which means there is no one to pester, annoy, or get mad at.

A lot of things just weren’t the same while the menfolk were gone, in B’s opinion.

There is no one to help you set the table. There is no one to help you empty the dishwasher in the morning. There is no one else to blame when the birds get forgotten and don’t get fed until the end of the day instead of the beginning.

But there was lots of time for reading together, cuddling together, and stitching together with Mama, with absolutely no competition for her attention.

And Tuesday, we stitched.

B made a huge amount of progress on her bonnet girl, and we sewed several new cloth napkins out of the cutest grey and yellow fabric that is just perfect for summer, and I began work on my second project for Sharon Boggon’s Sumptuous Surface Embroidery class.

We stitched to keep ourselves busy, for we were both rather anxiously watching the clock. The menfolk were due to arrive around 6, you see, and we were both eagerly anticipating their arrival. When the clock neared 6, we walked up to the school once more and smiled and smiled and smiled when we caught sight of that huge bus towering over the parking lot like some sort of bizarrely overgrown caterpillar.

They were home.

That evening, we heard all about the trip, the performance, the staying-up-until-way-too-late night, the joy of having a borrowed DS to play games with friends on the long bus ride, and — of course! — the roller coasters. We heard all about the newest, the Leviathan, which at 306 m tall, just over 1.6 km long, and with a top speed of 96 km/h is the 7th tallest and 8th fastest roller coaster in the world.

K did not ride Leviathan. But he did ride Thunder Run twelve times.

I think we can safely say that K has acquired a taste for roller coasters.

He inherits that from The Man We Call Dad, not from me. You won’t get me on a roller coaster. But The Man We Call Dad? Loves them. Loves them. And yes, The Man We Call Dad did ride Leviathan.

Three times in a row.


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