One tired boy

Last night, The Man We Call Dad kept K up all night. It’s true. They stayed up all night. They didn’t go to bed. In fact, they weren’t even home.

Instead of coming home and going to bed like normal people, they were at the Relay for Life, an overnight adventure that raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

And I couldn’t be more proud of them. Together, The Man We Call Dad and K raised $440 for the Cancer Society. Their relay team as a whole raised $6,564.11 in honour of a colleague who is currently in the fight of his life against cancer.

They are amazing. All of them.

I would love to tell you more details about the night, but I can’t. They stumbled in the door a little after 7 am sporting the biggest grins I’ve seen in a while and then tumbled into bed, where they are both still sleeping and probably will for some time yet. All I know is that they raised a heck of a lot of money, stayed up all night, and had a heck of a good time. The rest of the evening is a mystery.

So I went snooping.

They’ll have taken pictures, I said to myself as I oh-so-helpfully unpacked the cooler and their duffle from the trunk. I hung wet rain gear up to dry, put leftover food in the fridge, and downloaded pictures from The Man We Call Dad’s camera. This is what I got:

That, and four leftover brownies. I guess I’ll just have to wait until they wake up to find out more.

Do you think they’ll notice if I eat the brownies?


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