Brownies for the Geek Girl in all of us

Yesterday, B and I baked brownies for the boys we love. It was a totally selfless gesture. Seriously. We aren’t going to get to eat any of them.


The Man We Call Dad and our boy K were heading off to Relay for Life, and B and I baked them some brownies to share with their teammates, and we didn’t even eat a single one.

We deserve a medal, don’t you think?

What’s more, we didn’t bake just any old brownies. We baked geeky brownies. From this cookbook:

The Star Wars Cookbook

The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes. It’s a great little cookbook for young geek girls. Even the introduction is hilarious.

The Force inhabits all reals, including the kitchen. Its power is as present in the refrigerator as it is on the desolate ice planet Hoth.

Honestly, it is also a great first cookbook for kids wanting to cook independently, as it has clear directions, easy recipes with common ingredients, and best of all, a section on kitchen safety straight from the Jedi handbook.

The calm and perceptive mind of a Jedi warrior will enable you to prevent most mishaps in the kitchen. Use it well…

The illustrations are not your typical fussily staged and artificially perfect macro shots of food. Instead, they’ve all been staged against backdrops from alien planets, often with aliens in them. Like Jawas.

I had no idea Jawas found milkshakes just as appealing as droids.

We baked the Bossk Brownies, though as we didn’t have white chocolate chips, we just used regular chocolate chips.

Sorry, no droids in this photo. Just brownies.

I would love to tell you how deliciously they turned out, but I have no idea. I was good. I didn’t eat any.

We like the Star Wars Cookbook. It is a fun little cookbook to use with kids. But the very best part of all is not what’s in the cookbook, it is what you find at the back of the book: stickers for labeling your food.

After pouring over the choices, we decided this one was the most appropriate to send off with our boys for the Relay team’s enjoyment:

Eat this you must. Help you, it can.

Hopefully it will help them survive a sleepless night of relay walking with grace and aplomb.

(I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘aplomb’ in a blog post.)

As for us geek girls? We’ve already decided we have to make them again on Sunday after the boys leave for the band competition in Toronto. We might even share them with the friends who are coming over for dinner that night.



5 thoughts on “Brownies for the Geek Girl in all of us

  1. I hope you do choose to share with your friends who are coming over for dinner. I’m sure the relay team appreciated your selfless effort.



    1. I must say, they aren’t as good as my usual recipe (but they are much more kid-friendly). And never fear, we will definitely have something sweet and probably chocolately and quite possibly brownie-like for Sunday. 🙂


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