TAST goes crazy again

I have been catching up on my stitching for the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge, and it has been a lot of fun. Most of the stitches have been completely new to me and so I have merely tried my hand at working them without doing anything too fancy. This past week, I tried my hand at Wheat Ear stitch and crossed buttonhole, and I enjoyed them both.

I thought the crossed buttonhole looked a little like flower stems waving in the wind, so I added some flowers using a beautiful pink silk thread that was part of the wonderful gift of threads my grandmother gave me at Christmas.

Wasn’t that just the most beautiful gift to give a stitcher? It makes me smile every time I see it when I think of how I am carrying on a tradition of embroidery. I smile harder every time I touch it and think of all the times this roll must have been touched the very same way in anticipation of the pleasure of stitching that is to come. And I smile hardest of all when I stitch something beautiful with my beautiful gift of thread and think of it spending long years in a lighthouse before eventually making its way to me, and how something as innocent looking as thread can be manipulated in so many ways to create such beautiful things.

My new crazy quilt block is not beautiful, not yet. But with a little more thread and a whole lot of time, it will be. How can it be otherwise, when its threads have such a rich history?



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