It’s Friday already?

How can it be that it is Friday already? I realize we had a lovely hot and sunny long weekend last weekend which made for a 4 day week this week, but how can it be that it is already Friday?

And what a Friday it is! I’ve blogged before about our boy and his baritone and how much he loves it – and he does love his baritone, that boy of ours. He has been practicing like a fiend, filling the air with the rich, sonorous tones of his rather large brass baritone, and we have been listening with pleasure.

He has vastly improved over the course of this year and it is a joy to watch him practice with such focus and determination. The pieces he is playing have gotten more complicated, the fingerings more elaborate, and the requisite breath control and sense of timing have had to improve as well. He is working hard, that boy of ours. Very hard.

And he is very nervous, for tonight, he has to perform.

He won’t be performing for his band mates, or for the school assembly, or for an assembly with parents invited to watch. No, not tonight.

Tonight, he will be performing in front of an audience of strangers for the very first time. A large audience of strangers. Did I say large? I meant very large.

He is nervous and excited and scared and happy all at the same time. Can you blame him? It is the beginning, you see. After tonight’s concert, in two weeks’ time, they perform in competition in Toronto, at Canada’s Wonderland, as part of the school band competition there. It will be a 3 day trip, his first overnight school trip ever. His first trip to Wonderland, too.

He is growing up, that boy of ours, with milestones coming fast and furiously, and we couldn’t be more proud of him and all his hard work with that beloved baritone.

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