The Bonnet Girl and TAST progress

About a month ago, when my computer crashed and I was unable to upload pictures from the camera, I promised to post pictures of B’s bonnet girl with her satin stitch hem. The satin stitch hem has been joined by a stem stitch outline and, little by little, progress is being made.

It may not seem like much progress, but this represents several days of stitching for Miss B. First, she had to learn the stitches, you see, and then try them, and then despair at ever getting them even, and then rejoice in a small success, and then get bored with stitching and run off to play for a while.

Satin stitch takes a very long time to stitch, you see. Especially when you keep getting interrupted by friends wanting to play and homework that needs doing and bicycles just begging to be ridden all around the neighbourhood and hammocks that need swinging in.

Nice weather is such a distraction.



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