Yesterday, I posted about the rats we are taking care of. We are also taking care of a pair of hamsters: Flapjack and Diablo. Diablo is a timid sort and is usually to be found burrowed into the bedding under the hamster wheel or tucked into a corner. Flapjack is much more active, though he, too, spends much of the time hiding.The kids find them much less interesting than the rats, since they don’t tend to do much of anything.

Unless you take them out, that is.

As the hamsters are dwarf hamsters and rather tiny, I have this fear of losing one or both of them down a heating vent or in the depths of a closet, so we are careful to keep them in their little plastic bubbles when we take them out of their cage.

Meet Flapjack.

Flapjack likes to scurry into corners, even when encased in a plastic bubble. This outrages K. K seems to believe that a hamster should have more sense.


Meet Diablo:

(the hamster, not the girl.)

There was a show I liked to watch on television when I was a little girl, called Tales of the Riverbank. It was a silly little show full of little animals who lived on a riverbank (surprise, surprise) and got into all sorts of mischief and had all sorts of adventures.

There were rats, and guinea pigs and, of course, Hammy the Hamster.

I loved Hammy the Hamster when I was a kid. My brother loved him too. Of course, when you are watching a rather trippy show where the rats and hamsters and guinea pigs spend their days driving boats and flying planes and firing canonballs into the village, what’s not to love?

(Go ahead, click the link. It’s only a 5 minute video on YouTube. I’ll wait.)

As a kid, I wanted a hamster something fierce. Why, I could have my very own Hammy in the house! He could have a house, and a boat, and even his very own diving bell for excursions into the depths of the bathtub!

The reality of hamsters is rather different from the show. They don’t talk, for one thing. Not even in slow, trippy voices. They don’t drive boats, either. In fact, from what I can tell, they seem to spend most of the day sleeping, nestled deep in the bedding and only occasionally coming out for food or a drink of water.

I must admit, as much as it pains me to say it, I think I like the rats better.


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