Can a pebble be a mascot?

Today’s WEGO Health challenge is to come up with a mascot for your medical condition / health focus. At first I thought ‘a mascot? Seriously?’, but then I realized… I already have one.

It’s true. I have a mascot. It lives in my pocket most days. It’s my pebble.

It is a very lovely pebble. Some days, it is a piece of Tiger Eye. The other day, B loaned me a silky soft piece of red stone that just begged to be played with. Sometimes I use a piece of purple amethyst. Other days, any old stone will do.

A pebble is a very forgiving mascot. Anyone can have one. It can be any size, or shape, or colour. And it works for every single health condition out there. You see, the power of the pebble is not in its shape or size or colour.

The power of the pebble is in the fact that the pebble is something separate from you.

Your pebble, your illness or condition or syndrome or disease… it is not you. It is a pebble that you are being forced to carry around, perhaps for the rest of your life, but it is most definitely not you. And when your condition has you despairing, you can always reach into your pocket, pull out your pebble, and give it a stern talking to. “Hey, pebble!” you can say. “You suck! You are a terrible houseguest! I don’t like you!” and then when you are done talking to your pebble…

…put it back in your pocket and find something better to do than talking to a pebble. Like reading a book. Or knitting. Or staring at all the tiny green growing things just poking their heads through the earth in the garden.

Because the thing about pebbles is that while you may be stuck carrying one around, you are not a pebble. You still have so much more life to live and wisdom to learn and mischief to make and fun to enjoy. Some things may be harder, or even impossible, given that you’ve got a pebble to carry around, but so what? Forget those things. Find new things. Stick your pebble in your pocket where it belongs: along for the ride, but definitely not the driver.

And remember, when it feels that your pebble has taken over and no one understands what your life has become:

You are not alone; I have a pebble too.

You are not alone. I have a pebble, too.

(It’s right here, in my pocket.)


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