TAST Satin Stitch

I happened across an adorable embroidery pattern – a set of vintage-styled bonnet girls doing housework the other day. There is one for each day of the week, with captions such as “Laundry on Monday” and “Ironing on Tuesday” and so on. They are terribly cute, and Miss B agrees.

She agrees so much, in fact, that immediately after downloading the pattern, we carefully traced the pattern for the ironing girl onto a piece of white evenweave fabric and she has started stitching it.

Since the TAST stitch for the week is the satin stitch, after a quick lesson, she set to work filling in the hem of the bonnet girl’s dress with satin stitches in pink. (I would love to show you a photo but with my recent computer troubles, I still have not gotten the card reader working to be able to download photos from the camera).

You may recall that Miss B declared pink to no longer be her favourite colour a while back. So much so that we had to replace her pink bedding with a turquoise quilt, and repaint her pink walls with a pale blue. It seems that while pink is no longer a favourite colour, it still has a place in her heart.

(And on the hem of a bonnet girl’s dress.)

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