The Art of Conversation

Today’s WEGO health blog challenge asks “what is the best conversation you’ve had all week?”

We talk a lot around here. I’m not sure who is the bigger chatterbox – me, or the kids. We talk a lot. We talk about important things and silly things and sometimes about nothing much at all, but one constant in our days is conversation, and lots of it.

Yesterday, dear friends who were posted to Germany last year came for a visit. With four young kids and two great friends whom we haven’t seen in too long in the house, there was even more talking than usual, and we didn’t even get around to cracking open a bottle of wine. We just… talked. And talked. And played, and laughed, and talked, and ate, and talked, and laughed some more, and had apple pie and ice cream, and talked and laughed until it was time for them to head back to their hotel, at which point we talked just a little bit more before they really,really had to go and tuck the littlest ones into bed.

Conversation is a human constant. It cements friendships and shares knowledge and grows imaginations and fosters closeness with the people we engage in conversation with.

Lately, K has been having a bit of a rough patch with one of his friends, and so he and I have been talking on and off about how he could go about fixing it. This morning, we talked again, and brainstormed different ways of starting a conversation with his friend so that he could patch things up. The Man We Call Dad sat and listened quietly while K and I chatted, and then he said something so completely baffling, but also so completely right.

He said “Or, you could just call him up and go hang out. Sometimes, just hanging out together fixes everything.”

K instantly looked happier, and went off to call his friend. Hanging out, it seems, is the best form of conversation around when you are a boy of ten.



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