WEGO Day 5

The WEGO health challenge prompt for day 3 was about superheroes, and I had taken a lovely photograph of a Spiderman blanket hanging on our laundry line with a beautiful blue sky floating high above it and a thousand possibilities running through my head about what kind of superhero I would wish to be.

Shortly after I finished hanging the laundry and went back inside to study for a bit before writing up the blog post, I started swearing (rather loudly) and wishing with all my heart that my own personal superhero would hurry up and arrive. My computer died, you see, the sort of terrible death that involves empty screens of blue followed by nothing but blackness for hours on end.

Fast-forward to today and I am now working on a netbook with its tiny little screen, and it is already Day 5 of the challenge and I have nothing written.

Today’s challenge is ekphrasis : to find a photo using the Flickr Explore feature and describe it and how it inspires you. The photo I got was this one: A field of blossoms getting ready to open.

With all the stress of having a nonfunctional computer and things that need accomplishing using the aforementioned nonfunctional computer… the expectation of blossoms just makes me want to go outside and sit in the garden and wait for things to bloom. To run away, in a manner of speaking, from the frustration of the last few days and lose myself in the world of nature.

The kids have a long weekend starting tomorrow and I think a wander through the woods is definitely going to be on the agenda. And maybe, just maybe, we will find some blossoms just waiting to open.


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