On living with pebbles…

You are not alone; I have a pebble too.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece for Invisible Illness Week based on a meme about living with invisible illness. To my great surprise, it struck a note with people, and it made a bit of noise at the time. So much noise, in fact, that I was contacted about having the piece read aloud at a medical symposium on pain. I consented, it was read, I was told it had been well received, I reposted it here on the blog,  and then thought very little of it for the next two years.

Last year, completely by accident I discovered that my words had been busily traveling around the world of chronic illness bloggers. I was astonished. Pleased, but astonished. My words had been quoted on quite a few different web sites, blogs, and chronic illness websites and forums, and had been posted on several Facebook forums (where they received quite a few ‘likes’). While they have hardly gone viral, my little words had definitely taken on a life of their own.

Fast-forward again to today. This morning, I discovered that my words have been reblogged once again by Janelle, a fellow blogger who is living with a pebble. My words resonated with her enough that she reposted them for others to read. I am crazy flattered, and I just want to reach through the blogosphere and hug her to say thank you. Since I can’t very well reach through the screen and hug her, I’m asking you guys to do it for me.

I would really appreciate it if all of you would take a moment to pop over to Janelle’s blog, boost her stats for the day, and leave her a comment letting her know that you’ll carry a pebble in your pocket today so that she will know that she is not alone in carrying her pebble.

Go ahead, it just takes a second. Visit Janelle’s site and leave her a quick comment. Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

It’s easy. It will make her smile.

And it just might make her pebble a little easier to carry.


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