Friday’s Little Thing…

These birds make me crazy happy. I don’t know why that surprises me, given how much I like to watch the birds in our yard and in the ravine as they go about their business, but it does. Somehow, I knew birds were loud. And messy. And stinky. And loud. Did I mention loud? It never occurred to me until I found myself in a position where I needed to research breeds of birds to keep as pets that there might be birds out there who are soft-spoken and oh-so-sweet.

As I type these words, I can hear one of the males twittering away — it is springtime, after all, and males of all species are busy showing off these days! But even at his loudest, he is a comforting and cheerful sound, and not at all annoying. In fact, when he gets too quiet, I find myself getting up to stretch my legs and check in on the birds to make sure all is well.

Maybe I like them because they add a little bit of the outdoors and the summertime to our dreary winter days. Maybe I like them because they add a little bit of noise and movement to an otherwise quiet house while the kids are at school and I am tapping away at the computer keys. Maybe I like them because they are such tiny, fragile things and this Mama’s heart just can’t resist tiny fragile things of any species. Except spiders. I can definitely resist spiders. And fruit flies. And mosquitoes. There is definitely no place in my heart for mosquitoes.

Maybe it is the fact that four of these little winged things were born right here under this roof that has me all sentimental. Whatever the reason, these six little feathered friends have found their way into my heart, and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Though lately, they do have a little bit of competition.



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