Give a boy some power tools and look what he builds!

It must be getting close to spring, because we all have spring fever around here. There has been a lot of making going on everywhere I look. The birdhouse, the greenhouse, the bird seed wreaths. The kids aren’t the only ones making, either. Mama’s knitting needles have just finished new socks for a tiny little girl, and new socks for a not-so-tiny girl have been cast on and I have been informed that they are just so soft and touchable that she can’t wait to put them on her feet.

The biggest project of all has been in K’s room, and it has required a fair bit of lumber and the judicious use of power tools.  Naturally, we all dove into the project whole-heartedly. It isn’t every day that you get to play with power tools, after all! And besides, with how much we love to read around here, the idea of building a window seat just for reading was almost irresistable.

By now you should know enough about our general parenting philosophy to know that we left as much of the tool use in the hands of the children as we possibly could. Some things needed an adult hand, but for the most part, the kids did the work. They measured, located studs, made sure lines were level, helped drill holes in the walls, drove screws, sawed boards to length, installed a light, drilled a hole for the cord, and in general, worked very hard. I meant to take more pictures of the work in progress, but somehow we were too busy enjoying the making to bother with photographs.

It still remains to put the front lip on, prime and paint, and install a cushion, but as you can see, that hasn’t stopped K from taking his new window seat for a test drive.


2 thoughts on “Give a boy some power tools and look what he builds!

    1. He is so pleased with it! Every time I turn around, he is happily curled up in the window seat with a book LOL! I’ll be sure to pass along the hugs. Hug your gang from us, too!


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