An itty bitty bit of knitting

This week, I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office with time on my hands. We were visiting a specialist, you see, and we had to wait a while. With only two specialists of this type in the city, one who is no longer accepting patients and the other (ours) who is an overly dedicated and overworked woman, there is always a wait.

I don’t mind.

Our specialist falls into that magical category of doctors who are really, really good at their jobs, and who make you feel really, really good about being their patient. So good, in fact, that the long trip (she is on the opposite side of the city) followed by a long wait feel like a small price to pay for such quality care.

But, having spent many years now as a parent of small impatient beings who don’t appreciate waiting at all, it is not a trip or a wait I wish to do unprepared. Snacks were packed, water bottles filled, books readied, the iPod was loaded, and off we went.

B packed her own entertainments, which initially contained two Boxcar Children books, a Nancy Drew novel, a Hardy Boys novel, three picture books, and a Gordon Korman novel just in case she ran out of reading material. Plus her snack, water bottle, iPod, teddy bear, sketch pad, and oil pastels. I vetoed, she complained, and we compromised: one iPod, snack, water, and sketch pad, and a Kindle in place of all those books.

At the very last second as we walked out the door, I grabbed a ball of sock yarn and some double-pointed knitting needles and jammed them in my purse, knowing that I had someone new to knit for.

I’m glad I did, as B promptly settled in to a corner of the waiting room and began to sketch — and she barely moved from that spot for the next 90 minutes.

When our name was finally called, I had this:

An itty bitty bit of sock knitting for an itty bitty baby girl. Those are size 0 needles, which means that the leg of the sock that you see there is pretty much life-sized.

To be completely honest, I had knit a lot more than what you see above, but I didn’t take a photo of it after I turned the heel and started on the foot. At the moment, it remains only to finish knitting the toe and then start on the second sock.

Knitting little things is fun, since they go so quickly. Knitting itty bitty baby things is doubly fun, since they go so quickly and are adorably cute. Plus, if you just happen to be knitting in public, knitting itty bitty baby socks tends to garner a lot of attention from women of all ages, and a few men, too.

There’s something about knitting for a baby that says “You may not know it yet, baby, but I adore you.”

Welcome to the world, baby Anna. I can’t wait to meet you!

(And no, I’m not having another baby. Anna was born a few days ago to a dear friend whom we’ve known since the age of the dinosaurs or so.)


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