Blame it on the bookstore

This past week, we baked. We baked a lot. First we made chocolate chip cookies.

But that wasn’t enough, oh no! Next came these bad boys:

Those monster-sized cookies are oatmeal cinnamon and raisin cookies, and boy-oh-boy are they delicious. See?

And then, we made cake. Two cakes, in fact, one white and one red velvet chocolate, and then we tried to make it look like the one in this tutorial by i am baker.

The baking bug has hit hard this past week, and I blame it on the bookstore.

Yes, the bookstore. The kids received gift certificates to buy books for Christmas, and we went and let them choose their books last weekend. B chose a random assortment of favourites as well as new-to-her books, but K was much more directed in his reading. He has a deep love for military history, so as well as two general overview books, one on World War II and one on the Titanic, he purchased these:

So far, he is loving them. Every time I turn around, I catch that boy of ours curled up in a corner with his nose deep in one of the books. I love that. I keep getting treated to snippets of information and the occasional read-aloud paragraph, too. I love that, too.

But that doesn’t explain the baking.

No, what explains the baking are these:

You see, as we were walking towards the cashiers, we stopped for a moment to look at all the sale items, and tucked in a corner with packets of biscotti and beautiful embossed leather notebooks were these adorable little vintage-style tins of hot chocolate.

Somehow, they just jumped into my arms and stayed there, looking up at me so sweetly and begging for cookies and cakes to accompany them.

So I baked cookies. And cake.They were delicious. Except I completely forgot to make hot chocolate to go with them.

But that’s okay, because it is snowing today, and we will probably go ice skating. Hot chocolate goes perfectly with ice skating, don’t you know.

And maybe I could bake some more cookies to go with it…


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