More Hoopla!

Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery is back in my eager little hands, and this time I remembered to take some photos to share the yummy thread-y goodness with you! As a tech writer, I’ve had a lot of my writing published. I’ve even held entire books in my hand and been able to say “I did that!” But, as a tech writer, you rarely get to stamp your work with your name, so it was amazingly fun to see this:

My pieces were photographed in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, which is only one of the most gorgeous west-coast parks you’ve ever seen. If ever you find yourself in Vancouver, take half a day to wander the woods in Stanley Park. It’s worth it.

Each piece is meant not just to be looked at but also to be recreated. The patterns and instructions for making nests and webs of your own are included.

My little bits of nature weren’t just photographed in the wild; they were also photographed in what was meant to be their natural habitat: the urban jungle of Vancouver city. Tucked against a window grille or hanging from a tree beside a building, they make my heart happy.

But my favourite thing of all is a little piece that didn’t even make it into the book until after it arrived at our house:


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