Baby Babette is ready to go!

Remember those absurdly bright and colourful bits of yarn I blogged about a few days weeks back? Add a little bit of stitching together and a few rounds of edging, and voila!

A finished blanket in a painted basket, all ready to go! Here’s a picture of it laid out on the floor. It isn’t as misshapen as it looks — I really should have stood on a chair to photograph it, but my knees and hips wouldn’t allow it, so you’ll just have to settle for the trapezoidal view of the think. It really is a reactangle. I swear. Though the edging really is somewhat wonky, since I’m apparently bad at judging how many stitches I should place along the edge and put too many, resulting in a rippling effect in some spots. (And I’m apparently too lazy to frog them and do it over again.)

But now I have a predicament… the basket is much larger than the blanket. There is oodles of empty space in there, just waiting to be filled up with baby-licious yarny things. So, I need your opinions, people: what should I fill it with? Hand-knit baby socks? Hats? Booties? A baby sweater? For those of you with babies (or no-longer-quite-so-little babies), what was your favourite baby gift?


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