Mummy’s the word…

Yesterday, I posted that we’ve had busy fingers, but in the interest of not having a post that could qualify as a small novel, I left out a lot of what we’ve been up to. And with Halloween being one of my favourite holidays, we’ve been up to a lot!

I know it is long past Halloween now, and that you are probably tired of pumpkins, but if nothing else, I’d like to document a little of what we did so that we can reuse some of the best ideas next year. I’m also not entirely convinced that the kids will let me go quite so spooky next year (this year was a first!) so I figured I’d better take photos while I had the chance.

We got quite a few compliments on our spooky house, which pleased me to no end. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fog and sound machine, but we put a lot of little details into it and the layers of spooky “texture” definitely made a difference.

And, since we like to do things by hand around here, we put a fair amount of work into the decorations — more than just buying a few fake cobwebs at the dollar store (though we did do that too – three packages worth).

The first thing we made by hand was a mummy. Since mummy-making takes a while, we watched Ghostbusters while we did it. It was a lot of fun, and very easy — though it did use an entire roll of toilet paper and part of a second.

We started with a torso made from a large cereal box stuffed with newspaper, and wrapped in more newspaper to round it out a little and give it some muscle.

We added a cracker box, also stuffed and wrapped in newspaper, to be the head. A brown paper bag stuffed with paper became the abdomen and hips, and two log rolls of stuffed paper bags were transformed into legs.

The whole thing was secured with a generous helping of clear packing tape, and then we started the mummification process. First came the toilet paper wrap. An entire roll of toilet paper got wound around and around the mummy, and taped in places where it was falling off. There was a lot of tape, to say the least! But the goal of the toilet paper was just to give the mummy a solid undercoating of white wrapping.

Once the mummy was wrapped, we formed arms out of rolled up newspaper and gave them a white treatment as well before crossing them across the mummy’s chest.

At the party store, we found table cloths in a murky grey-green colour, and in white. They look like cheesecloth, but were advertised as table toppers, and as soon as I saw them, I thought to myself: Mummy wrapping!

With the help of a pair of scissors and little hands who are handy and winding and wrapping, the mummy slowly came to life.

Isn’t it perfect? A little on the short side, but it was a welcome addition to our porch on Halloween night.

I thought I would keep the “mummy wrapping” cheesecloth strips so we could do it again next year, but I got vetoed when I suggested taking the mummy apart. The mummy is now gracing our garage, with this sweet little skeleton by his side.

A match made in heaven, perhaps? Or maybe just bosom friends until next year. Who knows… maybe by then, we’ll have a whole family of mummies to set out. We do seem to breed things like crazy around here, after all.


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