On the needles, crochet hook, and pincushion…

With Christmas rapidly approaching and a dear friend (whom I’ve known for far too many years) with a baby on the way, there’s no question but that my evenings should be filled with yarn and thread and busy, busy fingers.

First, there’s the luscious Seascape Stole on the knitting needles. It is slowly chugging along. Slowly. Really slowly. It’s progress is positively glacial in comparison with this:

And what, you may ask, is that? Why, it’s a beginning! The first (and largest) block in what needs to be a plethora of blocks done in crochet.

Crochet is fast. It isn’t nearly as fine a texture or as delicate an end-result as knitting, but it is fast. Speedy fast. Lightening fast.

In just three evenings in front of the television, that beginning block was soon joined by a few friends. Like this one:

And these three:

And pretty soon… really soon, in fact… there was a whole party happening on the family room floor. As of tonight, there are only a few tiny blocks left to crochet before I can sew this baby up and add a few rounds of edging.

Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she colourful? She’s soft and lovely under your fingertips, too. She is so beautifully colourful and soft that Miss B has announced that if the intended recipient doesn’t like it, she would be willing to keep it for herself.

And if the recipient does like it and does keep it, thus removing it from our house?

“Well you’ll just have to make me one, too!” B announced. “But bigger, because I could really, really use another blanket for my bed. I’ve only got the quilt you sewed, and the dark red crocheted one, and the white one, and the one Great Grandma R made with all the letters of the alphabet, and the one Great Grandma R made for Uncle M with the rainbow and the teddy bear, and my Dora fleecy one. So I need another one. Another handmade one. To be warm. It’s almost winter, you know!”

Apparently I’ve been slacking in providing blankets for my daughter.

If you like to crochet and are wondering about this wildly colourful blanket, it’s based on the Babette blanket by Interweave. I made one up a few years ago after a wonderful birthday party where my friends brought me yarn in ocean colours (Ravelry link here).

The best part is, it is a great stash-buster for those odd balls and half balls of yarn. My darling sister N recently gifted me with an entire laundry sack full of odds and ends of yarn given to her by a friend. She kept a single ball (to make a scarf, I imagine, as she loves making scarves), and left all the rest for me. A whole bunch of it is in this baby — the dark burgundy, the lighter burgundy, the navy blue, and the two shades of purple. The rest are leftovers from other projects of mine, with the exception of one ball I bought just because I loved it so.

My first Babette blanket took me 5 months to make. Of course, given that it is about the size of a small houseboat, had nine million and three blocks to stitch together, and was only worked on on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for those five months while the kids were in bed, The Man We Call Dad was at work, and I watched television with hook in hand… is it any wonder it took so long?

This one isn’t taking nearly as long. Three days, in fact. Three solid evenings of crocheting in front of the tv and it is very nearly done. I estimate one more evening to finish the last few blocks and sew it together, then a final evening to work the edging, and voila!

Maybe I will have time to make one for B for Christmas after all…


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