One tiny baby bird

We have society finches, and they are by nature very, very social. So social, in fact, that they spend each night piled higgeldy-piggeldy on top of each other in the nest. The one, small, nest that really only comfortably fits two, in my opinion. But what do I know — I’m not a society finch. And according to our finches, six birds fit just fine, thank you.

This morning, Mama bird had kicked all the other birds out of the nest… except one. As we gave them fresh water and food, we realized that there weren’t six birds in our cage any longer. There are seven.

Newborn society finches have got to be the tiniest, most adorable things I have ever seen, and this new baby is no different. As he was just born overnight, I took photos through the top of the cage as best I could — I apologize for the poor photo quality. Phoenix is sitting on top of him, keeping him warm, but I jostled her just enough to get a peek at the tiny, pink blob sheltering under her wings.

Click the picture to see it full-size; it’s much easier to see the baby then. In the next photo, you can see his entire body, his stubby little baby wings and chicken legs, and his head with its oversized dark eyes, still sealed shut.

He is completely featherless and his skin is so transparent you can see the veins and arteries running through his body. And he is absolutely tiny. It is hard to describe how incredibly fragile he looks, and yet, he is full of strength. Already he flaps his little naked wings and pushes strongly with his whisker-thin legs and lifts his head high as if in greeting, though I know at this point he is still completely blind.

To give you a sense of scale, Phoenix is at most 10 cm long from the tip of her beak to the tip of her tail, which puts this little guy around 2 or 2.5 cm long from beak to tail stub. He is tiny.

It’s amazing how such tiny, fragile things can bring us so much joy and hope.


2 thoughts on “One tiny baby bird

  1. I just love these pictures Andi!! Is Phoenex expecting anymore to hatch? Or just the one this time? How many do you have now? Do you have more than one cage?


    1. Hi Erica!

      The birds cracked one of the eggs by accident a week or so ago, and they buried another under the straw, so I doubt there will be any more. I don’t think the one under the straw would have been kept warm enough to be viable (and they probably buried it knowing it wasn’t viable).

      We only have the one cage, so we’ve come to a point where we either need a bigger cage or we need to find new homes for some of the birds. I have a feeling it will be a bigger cage LOL!


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