Weaving Webs

Every summer, our garden is blessed with an abundance of little spiders. I don’t mind, really, as long as they stay safely outdoors (and I don’t walk into any webs). Lately, there’s been an even bigger spider busily weaving a web… and her name is Little Miss B!

It all started with a hula hoop. A few years ago when I taught Kindermusik classes, I had a dozen hula hoops for playing with in class. When I stopped teaching, I gave some of the hoops away, but somehow we still had four hanging from a hook in our garage. The kids play with them regularly, only sometimes using them for traditional hula-hooping. Quite often they are obstacles to jump in or climb through. They’ve been known to be horse harnesses and cars and boats and trains, too. They’ve been used as frisbees, too, to great effect (though this Mama isn’t so keen on frisbee hula hoops in the house).

So last week, as the kids were getting ready for bed, I grabbed one of the hoops and then asked The Man We Call Dad if he was willing to purge his t-shirt drawer of a few old shirts. He was, and I did too, and when the kids came tumbling in for bedtime stories, I handed them a hoop and a pair of scissors. “I’ll read if you weave,” I told them, and was rewarded with two very confused looks.

With a little instruction, the confused looks quickly changed to excitement. Before you could say “over and under,” the kids had hacked Dad’s t-shirts into mostly even strips and begun weaving themselves a new bath mat.

In the end, once K figured out how it worked, he lost interest and chose instead to cuddle under a blanket and just listen to the story. Miss B was another story. She sat patiently over three whole nights of storytime and wove and wove and wove… my little spider! At the end of three nights, she had this:

The idea for this project is not my own. It came from this website: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/hula-hoop-rug-995304/

I love finding projects and ideas in the blogosphere. There is such a rich variety of things to try, techniques to master, and projects to make. Some things are best taken in the presence of a real live person, such as karate classes or learning to knit, but some things are so fun and easy that you really don’t need to spend the money on a class when you can just read the tutorial online. B’s latest is one of those — a project spotted online that was so well documented and looked so do-able that we just had to dive in.

She has a few rounds left to do — little enough that she’ll be done by bedtime tonight — and then we’ll tie off the warp spokes and set it on the floor and stand on it a while. What a super-easy project! It was full of fun, and thrifty, too. Definitely something to try again soon!


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