One plate

With the impending arrival of fall, the garden is starting to wind down. Not that you’d know it – we’re in full harvest mode around here. The garden isn’t very big; in truth, it is quite tiny. A little raised bed alongside the fence. A second bed at the back, just for potatoes. A small space nestled up against the house in full sun, perfect for taking advantage of the warming effect of the brick. All of this in a relatively small suburban lot.

It’s been an odd summer, and not everything has performed as well as I had hoped, but we’ve still been enjoying the fruits and vegetables of our labour daily. I try to harvest only what we will eat that day, but there comes a time when you must harvest or watch things become inedible, and so I harvest what the garden will give me and put it up, usually by freezing it. Not quite as good as fresh, but how amazing to know that I don’t need to buy overprices and underripe veggies from Mexico come January because I have enough put by to see us through the winter. I also regularly put up fresh herbs by mincing them and mixing them with a little olive oil, to be frozen in an ice cube tray and then transferred into bags for overwintering in the freezer.

Just for fun, I thought I would document what a single September day’s harvest from our tiny, overcrowded garden gave us (though I forgot to photograph the raspberries and the zuccini). To give you a sense of perspective, the plate is a 14″ diameter serving platter – the cucumbers and potatoes look positively tiny, but they really aren’t. And yes, that is one massive apple.


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