Blooming beautiful

It never fails to astound me how a garden that is little more than bare ground and withered brown sticks in March can become so lush and full of colour by June. It also never fails to sadden me when, as summer progresses, blooms fade and wither and are done for the year. There are too many goodbyes in a garden.

Goodbye, sweet little crocuses who were the first to pop through the still chilly ground and share your beauty with us. Goodbye, perfectly perfumed hyacinths who freshened the air. Goodbye tulips. Goodbye daffodils. Goodbye, all you early blooming beauties.

Goodbye, yellow irises with your strong sword-like spears and enormous sunny blooms. Goodbye, purple irises, tiny and sweet. Goodbye daylilies. Goodbye apple blossoms. Goodbye, bright heralds of June’s joy.

Goodbye roses, may your second blooms arrive soon. Goodbye peonies, uniquely lush and overdone and oh so beautiful with afternoon tea. Goodbye hosta fairy hats. Goodbye Rose of Sharon. Goodbye, familiar friends of July.

Hellooooooooo August!


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