The summer bog

We live in a suburb encircled by a shallow ravine that is home to beavers and woodpeckers and hummingbirds, among other creatures. We love wandering the ravine and watching it change through the seasons, but as wonderful as the ravine is, it just doesn’t compare to another natural feature that lies just a short jaunt away: the Mer Bleu bog.

We like the bog. We like the bog a lot. It changes dramatically from season to season, and even from week to week. Early spring finds the bog grey and dull and flat, but full of texture and the promise of things to come. A few weeks later, the bog is covered with a green mist as leaves begin to appear and the moss greens up and the water starts to grow its summer cover of lily pads. Mid-summer, the bog fills up with blueberries and birds and beavers busily building lodges. Fall sees dramatic streaks of red and orange and yellow and a profusion of woodpeckers and grey jays. But August?

August is for cattails.

East-facing view of the bog from the boardwalk

West-facing view of the bog from the boardwalk

We spent a lovely hour walking the boardwalk trail with friends and found:

  • cattails taller than we were
  • the distinctive voices of bullfrogs teasing us as they called to each other from their hiding places among the reeds
  • a single, lovely orange orchid blossom
  • a turtle sunning itself, completely oblivious to the excitement of kids aged two to forty
  • fuzzy little flowers gone to seed atop slender reeds
  • and a beaver lodge, sturdy and strong, almost under our feet.

We like the bog. There are new things to see every time we go, and it never fails to bring us joy.




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