Growing up

Phoenix and Salt have been spending more and more time outside of the nest, leaving their tiny newborns alone for longer and longer periods of time.

The kids are thrilled by this new trend because it means they are getting more frequent and better views of the tiny babes within. And tiny they are! Barely bigger than my thumbnail when they were born, they are all head and beak, it seems, and doubly so when it is feeding time and their beaks open wide as they cheep-cheep-cheep for food.

But it has been some time now since they were born and they are getting bigger and bigger every day. The nest is more crowded, their voices are louder, and their eyes are open, and they are growing their flight feathers.

With Mom and Dad away from the nest more often, and with the babies being so very much bigger, I can get decent photos of them for the first time. Here you see them piled on top of one another in the nest, sleeping heavily as only well-fed babies can do, and you can just see the flight feathers starting to form. This photo was from about a week ago.

A week is a very long time in baby bird time. On Friday, they looked like this:

Feathers almost fully in, eyes dark and shiny bright, and bold enough that this brave fellow was comfortable sticking fully half his body out the opening to the nest.

By the next day, he was comfortable enough to perch on the edge of the nest and lean waaaay down to see what was going on.

We thought for sure he would be the first to venture out of the confines of the nest and join his parents on one of the perches…

…but we were wrong.

This morning we came down to breakfast to find his little sister, tiny and blond and almost always hiding at the back of the nest behind her siblings, calmly perched on the ladder as if there was nothing unusual at all about venturing out of the nest.

Brave girl! We’re so proud of you!



2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! This is so exciting!! They are just adorable!! I just LOVE pets….did I mention that we practically have a zoo here now??
    What do u plan on doing with all of the little ones?
    They are just gorgeous!!


    1. They are soooo cute! Are you looking to add birds to your zoo? Because as cute as they are, I don’t think we can keep all four babies… our cage just isn’t big enough! When they get a little older and are completely independent, I’ll be looking for new homes for at least 2 of them.


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