Starship invasion

I’m not the only one who likes to cook around here. It’s sort of a family obsession. Not that we are particularly talented in the kitchen, but we do enjoy the process very much, even when the results are less than perfectly delicious.

A couple of years ago, my mother bought the kids their own cookbooks, specially chosen to appeal to them in every way. With lots of pictures, straight-forward instructions, and themes designed especially for kids, they are a huge hit.

She bought them aprons, too, which they wear with pride and joy and sometimes giggles.

Aprons are a bit of a family tradition — the more outrageous, the better. B’s current favourite is bright screaming red with black polkadots and a generous ruffled hem that has not one but two ruffles that swirl around her calves like a flamenco dancer’s skirts. It’s especially excellent because Mama was given the matching grown-up apron, and if you wear Mama’s apron instead of your own, it really is more of a dress than an apron and is just perfect for twirling in.

K is much more sedate, prefering the small, simple square half apron his Auntie N sewed up for him for Christmas. It works equally well in the workshop and the kitchen, and has a tiny zippered pocket that is perfect for all sorts of treasures.

As a result of having their own aprons and cookbooks, my kitchen occasionally gets taken over by short people in cute aprons with very determined looks on their faces. Cooking takes concentration, after all, and it’s hard not to look fierce when you are concentrating with all your might.

The other day, K announced he was going to make lunch for us all, using a recipe from the Star Wars Cookbook. Ingredients were purchased, instructions were pored over, pictures examined, and finally the lunch was prepared.

When all was said and done, I had an invasion on my hands… a starship invasion. X-wing fighters, to be precise. See? Here they are going into the oven:

X-wing fighter hotdogs baked right into their buns and served with a side of sweet potato fries.

Aren’t they cute? You can just imagine the sound effects that went flying around the table as they flew their way over plates and around  glasses before crash-landing in the red Death Star of Ketchup.

And for dessert?

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.

Because everything is better with chocolate chips, don’t you agree?


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